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  1. Any thoughts on the top general in Afghan being ousted
  2. North Korea A Bomb test.
  3. N. Korea Threatens Attack on South
  4. Global Warming, is it our fault?
  5. Australian view on torture
  6. Iranian election
  7. How much crap
  8. What does buy American mean?
  9. The dead of Green.
  10. Let's not screw Pakistan.
  11. Isolationism or Maintain the "Empire"?
  12. Chinese health care.
  13. Italian Court Convicts 23 Americans of Kidnapping
  14. The 'what's he doing?' game.
  15. It must be something in the water
  16. Those progressive Europeans.
  17. I Feel .............
  18. The new Surge of private contractors.
  19. Corporatism or state capitalism?
  20. Two unlikely buddies.
  21. China's gonna get yo momma...
  22. I Always Knew Pence Was Stupid...
  23. Iran stirs the pot
  24. Sign of the times
  25. Empire?
  26. Another win for Obama
  27. An Englishwomen's thoughts on the right
  28. World Government?
  29. British Elections
  30. eyes wide open, right before the fall
  31. Nothing We Haven't Heard Before
  32. Dr. David Kelly
  33. Just curious.
  34. Solidarnosc, anyone?
  35. Charles Krauthammer - unabashed neocon
  36. 'Bill Jr' interview.
  37. British Political Parties - Fun Poll!
  38. World unity
  39. Cyberwarfare, national security, and the rising star of the east.
  40. An interesting spin on Obama's Asian trip
  41. What to do about Illegal Aliens ?
  42. NK to world - screw you!
  43. whats up everyone
  44. whats up everyone
  45. Global reaction to the stuxnet worm
  46. Buchanans' macro prediction for 2011:
  47. A question for our UK citizens
  48. Gunboat diplomacy?
  49. libya. hell in the desert.
  50. Huh?
  51. Who benefits from the Hamas Fatah accord.
  52. Iran Building Missle Launch Facilities in Venezuela
  53. Mid East policy speech
  54. Retiring head of Mossad echoes Abama.
  55. I'm so proud.. NOT!
  56. No Government -- No Prob!
  57. Hackers taking over
  58. Netanyahu Israeli Summer
  59. The ethics of a revolution
  60. Time off worldwide.
  61. A genuine benevolent despot?
  62. If Iran feels they need nukes, who could blame them?
  63. One less psycho dictator - King Jong Il is a warm place.
  64. Watching as Iraq burns.
  65. Jeffersonian Exceptionalism
  66. Raul castro proposes term limits
  67. What Kind of Gun Should I Get My Wife
  68. Arab League wants the U.N. to help in Syria
  69. Hidden Cures by the Big Pharma Co's
  70. Iran: What would YOU do?
  71. On yonder hill there stands a cooo
  72. Spanish "Labor" Activism
  73. Cuba and the Elephants
  74. Its Israel's fault
  75. Sarkozy going down?
  76. Sarkozy.......Gone.
  77. Buggs
  78. Putin and the G8.
  79. Israel Unites.
  80. Want to feel good?
  81. Jailed for 33 Years!
  82. The Calvary is comin', the Iranian calvary-that is.
  83. The Prez, The Poles, & Polish Americans
  84. Who says that the United Nations is a paper tiger?
  85. France Drops State Pension Age To 60
  86. Drone exports
  87. Syria and Iran.
  88. New Chinese leadership - who cares?
  89. Sappier.
  90. The Neocons in control with Romney
  91. A Moderate Arab
  92. Pakistan Erupts in Anger Over Taliban’s Shooting of Schoolgirl
  93. President Morsi in Eqypt going rogue?
  94. A Final Solution To The Al Qaeda Question
  95. How to predict conflict between Israel and IRAN.
  96. Friggin' Commies
  97. The Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea
  98. More free trade.
  99. Venezuela election in April- Maduro vs. Capriles
  100. Cypress
  101. Israel strikes missile depot at Damascus airport
  102. The new New World Order
  103. Kerry's ambitious plan for the Middle East. Jobs.
  104. Turkish protests at Taksim Square
  105. Syria has used chemical weapons. Now what?
  106. Jabhat-al-Nusra
  107. Obama Considers Zero Option
  108. Was It Worth It? Iraq Ten Years Later
  109. 60 years after Castro's attack on Moncada
  110. Putin is the defender of Christendom
  111. Oh No!!
  112. Was Snowden a Russian spy?
  113. Please Sir ...No 4th term.
  114. Removal of Syrian chemical begins.
  115. Britain beckons the Chinese!
  116. Indian Commie Jumps Shark
  117. Beware Putin Bearing Gifts.....
  118. Nuke Deal With Iran
  119. Afghani President makes more demands.
  120. Ukrainian demands European connection
  121. Canadian court strikes down anti-prostitution laws
  122. What are US Military Aircraft doing in Sudan?
  123. Throwing The Dogs A Bone?
  124. Taliban prisoners to be freed
  125. Syrian Peace Talks
  126. The End Of The NeoCon's Wet Opium Dreams in Kabul
  127. Meanwhile, in Scotland...
  128. Ukraine Heats Up
  129. Violence in Venezuela
  130. Democracy Murdered By Protest
  131. What happens when you invade another country(graphic)
  132. Russia Confirms Moving Troops into Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula
  133. Not easy for Taliban
  134. Venezuela’s Deep Political Education
  135. US backed Syrian group extorts christains
  136. Russian sanctions.
  137. Students in Venezuela Revolt Against msilaicoS
  138. Goin' Back To The Phillipines
  139. Perhaps the tide is turning.
  140. China has deep pockets
  141. "Did Ted Nugent move to North Korea?"
  142. Hillary's State Department Refused to Brand Boko Haram as Terrorists
  143. Danish Voteman too intense?
  144. Biden's son appointed to Ukraine gas company!
  145. China Bans Windows 8
  146. A second Cold War, anyone?
  147. Power games.
  148. Europe-sceptics on the increase
  149. Israel Mourns Teenagers, Strikes Hamas In Gaza
  150. Iraq is breaking up
  151. Malaysia Airlines Passenger Jet Shot Down over Ukraine
  152. France to deliver warship to Russia despite MH17
  153. Ukraine Prime Minister resigns.
  154. NPR enters Ukraine and the facts are fuzzy.
  155. Could this happen in the US?
  156. ISIS War Crime
  157. Beijing Reneges On Hong Kong Rule
  158. Pakistan
  159. Al Queda in India?
  160. New Poll:For first time Scot independence leads.
  161. The Islamic State, Assad, and the Contradictions Faced by the US in Syria
  162. Yahoo surprising article on Ukraine conflict.
  163. Is The Ruble Tanking?
  164. Should a Federal Grand Jury Consider Indicting Bush, Cheney et al for War Crimes
  165. Rapproachment With Castro's Cuba
  166. The CIA was not the deciding factor.
  167. Russia on Putin's watch, Chernobyl redux.
  168. Ukraine's right sector troops refuse to obey Defence Ministry.
  169. Deutscher's Israel Palestine Metaphor
  170. Russian BS
  171. Oil prices davastating to rogue nations
  172. Rolling Stone:American Sniper a story without context
  173. Bad news for US and Obama administration
  174. Greece - here come the lefties
  175. Thousands of Ukrainian troops trapped in Donbas.
  176. George Soros: Europe should give Ukraine 50 billion
  177. Another McCain/Graham/ISIS Connection
  178. US scolds Britain for joining Chinese Development Bank.
  179. Netanyahu speech: an attempt to draw attention from increasing inequality.
  180. ISIS Being Re-Supplied From Outside
  181. Ukraine oligarch, Kolomoisky, barricades his turf.
  182. Republicans: Obama more a threat than Putin.
  183. I was thinking
  184. P5+1 Talks, Huge Breakthrough!
  185. Buchanan tangle with Hannity over Iran.
  186. Gunter Grass R.I.P
  187. Sweden: Spotted sub was working boat.
  188. China commits $46b to Pakistani Silk Road.
  189. Vietnam: Who won the peace?
  190. Kerry visit Russia to soothe relation.
  191. Vatican recognizes the State of Palestine
  192. A Breath of Fresh Air in Istanbul?
  193. Greece To Close Banks, Impose Capital Controls Amid Looming Default
  194. Questions about rt news.
  195. David Cameron to fight "Dirty Money".
  196. Germany:Schengen could be suspended.
  197. Bulgaria Blocks Russian Military Overfights
  198. EU Military Expenditure
  199. Mission Incompetent
  200. What is Netanyahu up to in Moscow?
  201. Transitional Justice: Colombia - FARC
  202. Mexican Politician Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal Injection
  203. Militant Syrian group recasts itself as moderate.
  204. Turkey: 86 killed at a PEACE rally.
  205. Congrats Svetlana Alexievich
  206. Iraqi Air Force Strike ISIS Convoy
  207. Syrian rebels confused.
  208. Cologne Major candidate stabbed!
  209. Israeli Policies in the Face of the Latest Intifada
  210. It's Election Day in Canada
  211. Netanyahu: Not Hitler but the Mufti.
  212. Bush's True Legacy
  213. ISIS new weapon: Condom Bombs!
  214. US shows China the Stars and Stripes.
  215. Israel Debates Deporting Thousands
  216. Helmut Schmidt in serious condition!
  217. Refugee crisis could cause EU to collapse.
  218. Contradictory views from the intelligence community.
  219. Uk seeks French and Canadian help to find Russian sub.
  220. German Bundestag Votes Overwhelmingly to Join the Fight Against Daesh
  221. I want my $876!
  222. Bibi and the Israeli 1%
  223. Time magazine - Person of the Year
  224. International Gun Control?
  225. Le Pen's Far Right National Front Loses
  226. Mexico, a failed state?
  227. Mass molestation by immigrants in Cologne!
  228. 'North Korea claims it has tested its first hydrogen bomb'
  229. "not for an age, but for all time"
  230. Increasing pressure on Poland from EU.
  231. UKRAINE: Minister Abromavicius resigns over corruption.
  232. Why Assad's army has not defected.
  233. Turkey, Saudis and UAE Pledge Troops To Fight ISIS
  234. Russia warns Assad.
  235. Winter on Fire
  236. Clinton is wrong on Syria.
  237. Migration crisis - quo vadis, Eurpean Union?
  238. Pope: Arab invasion of Europe - a Good Thing.
  239. Poland counters with brash soci@list offensive.
  240. US to place export restriction on Chinese ZTE.
  241. Lech Walesa: I made a mistake.
  242. Sun Tzu and the Decline of American Manufacturing.
  243. Human Rights Hypocrisy: US Criticizes Cuba
  244. The Obama Doctrine
  245. Just a matter of time.
  246. UK: Disability cut was a mistake.
  247. The Israeli Supreme Court strikes stability clause in Bibi's gas deal.
  248. Moron Erdogan
  249. The Pentagon Is In A Shooting War With The CIA.
  250. BBC again shows its anti Russian/Putin agenda.