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  1. A brief theological question.......
  2. How wealth relates.....
  3. Whew. No Sharia law in Oklahoma ...
  4. The Argument for Separation
  5. News Flash - Pat Robertson says something intelligent ...
  6. The Virgin Mary appeared in rural Wisconsin 150 years ago
  7. ATTN D-Ray: Please Come Get Your...
  8. Capitalizing on Tragedy, The Onion Style...
  9. "You're a True Patriot!" Patriotism, or Nationalism
  10. holocaust deniers?!
  11. Here y'all go ..
  12. The "Social Contract".
  13. Another gem from Newt, the GOP's foremost intellectual
  14. Church - A place for quiet reflection ...
  15. Religious Arbitration
  16. Pope John Paul's Beatification ....
  17. Being A Muslim in America
  18. Feelin' the need to be "perfected" are ya?
  19. Sites pertaining to American Theocracy.
  20. Fear and Loathing at the TX Gov's Prayer Rally
  21. Fundimentalists
  22. Reason vs. Intuition and their bearing on religious belief
  23. Hertz Suspends 34 Muslim Drivers In Seattle
  24. Romney defends "Mormonism"...............
  25. The World Hates Me (Gaddafi)
  26. 1st Amendment Violation?
  27. A brief history...
  28. The "War on Christmas"
  29. Christmas
  30. Has anyone here looked into the total Historical Origins of your Religion ?
  31. Election?? who needs it.......
  32. Mitt likes to fire people!
  33. Here's an interesting take on religion.
  34. What if Tim Tebow were Muslim?
  35. War, Religion and Monty Python.......
  36. Reverend M.L. King
  37. Attack on Religious Freedom?
  38. Britain is now fighting church vs. state issues
  39. No good deed goes unvillified....
  40. Just when I think I have seen everything the religious right has to dish out...
  41. I guess I'm a snob..............
  42. Pat's vengeful God...
  43. Study: Are Liberals Smarter Than Conservatives?
  44. The Army leads!
  45. Uncertainty.......................
  46. Suicide Bomber Auction In Syria
  47. The Catholic Church Vs The Obama Administration
  48. One Less Crazed Bible Thumper
  49. Church lunacy in my town... sad.
  50. the steps of saul...
  51. You know this is touching
  52. TeeHeeeeee......
  53. Creation Museum...Hey Finn, wanna go?
  54. Inherit the Wind
  55. Obama is the Messiah?
  56. GOP Wins the Contest for Number of God References in their Platform
  57. For the Rednecks
  58. Next........ Republican Burkas!
  59. What's wrong with Muslims by John Oliver
  60. Anyone else see the inconsistency?
  61. Thoughts Gentlemen?
  62. More Utterances from a GOP House Science Committee Member
  63. "China powerless to prevent rising tide of Tibetan self-immolations"
  64. Judeo-Christian America Under Threat
  65. What's next for religious conservatives?
  66. Thanksgiving is not a Christian holiday in the USA
  67. God in the Classroom?
  68. I guess a Christmas Tree is a religious symbol after all
  69. The Dinosaurs of the GOP
  70. An interesting note, from a teacher.
  71. Why I Don't Live In Tennessee
  72. Al Gore sells Current TV to Al Jezeera
  73. The Pope Resigns
  74. Bob Ingersoll A Great American-forgotten?
  75. This truly saddens me
  76. 1st Amendment facing challenge in NC.
  77. Unions and the Catholic Church
  78. Leave the Muslims Alone
  79. I feel elated
  80. Private firm's religious discrimination in the healthcare matters of their employees.
  81. Who does this Pope think he is.....
  82. Obama's War Against The Christians
  83. Scientology's attempts at censoring the internet (BBC)
  84. "The Golden Calf"
  85. The Georgia GOP warns of creeping Sharia ...
  86. New Avatar
  87. The GOP, the Nazis and Jesus..............
  88. Sexual Jihad
  89. Putin ..To rely on Christian values!
  90. A Christians leaves a tip for a gay waiter ...
  91. Social Principles
  92. "Supreme Court hears case on N.Y. town’s practice of opening meetings with a prayer"
  93. Lot's of Answers ,No Solutions
  94. The God Of Illusions
  95. A nice flash movie
  96. The Pope on Conservative Economic Principles
  97. Life Goes On!!!
  98. Limbaugh..................................
  99. It's official, Fox declares Santa is white.
  100. Hedonism
  101. Pilgrim Family of Alaska.
  102. Evolution be damned
  103. A question on religion in sport
  104. The Power of Numbers
  105. Equal Time in Oklahoma
  106. In today's news . . .
  107. Another enlightened Republican speaks about women ...
  108. Bill Nye (The Science Guy) debates uber-Creationist
  109. Kentucky Snake Pastor dies.
  110. What If?
  111. Can we get an amendment
  112. Hasidics - mass protest against army draft.
  113. Westboro Church Sickos Receive Compassion From The Target Of Their Hate
  114. Roman Centuarion
  115. Pope Francis On Abortion
  116. Happy Easter
  117. Dumbass things in the Bible.
  118. Interesting Study Regarding Religion In America
  119. Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Daughter Found Guilty Of Money Laundering
  120. Mormon Church says no to women for priesthood
  121. Joseph Cambell
  122. Atheists need not apply ...
  123. Most Republicans Think Jesus Would Denounce Universal Healthcare
  124. Pope Francis: Immigrant Children Must Be 'Welcomed And Protected'
  125. Faith-Based Fanatics
  126. New Owner Gives Polygamist Sect Mansion Surprising Makeover
  127. War and Peace: The Youth of Gaza
  128. An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel
  129. Bill O’Reilly’s Marijuana Legalization Poll Completely Backfires
  130. Evangelicals feeling dissed by the GOP
  131. Klan Not Racist........
  132. We Will Never, Ever, Ever, Have a Conversation About Race in America
  133. Let's just call it the "B" word
  134. Brother Sun, Sister Moon
  135. Saudi Arabia Beheads 26 People in 1 Month, Some for ‘Sorcery': US, FOX Has Nothing to
  136. The phantom menace of militant atheism
  137. 'A Climate For Change'
  138. A Victory for Religious Freedom in Florida!
  139. Iran not a Happy country
  140. Meet the Former Bike Executive Who Could Crush Scott Walker's White House Dreams
  141. Vatican considers to bury homophobia!
  142. Now who's "playing the victim"?
  143. Pope Francis likes the Big Bang and evolution
  144. Cardinal Burke Demoted
  145. The War On Christmas Begins...
  146. Humanism has the answers
  147. Humanism for the masses?
  148. Another Religious Nut-Job
  149. Eastern Orthodox celebrates Christmas and its arts shine.
  150. Duke University Cancels Muslim Call to Prayer
  151. The Pope in DC?
  152. Religion has had it's time.
  153. Religion and Government today.
  154. Ted is runnin'? Oh, THANK YA JESUS!
  155. Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief
  156. Archbishop on religious freedom and the WH
  157. You Cannot Be a Republican and a Christian
  158. Take me with ya, Jesus!!!!
  159. We All Need to Stop Shopping at Thrift Stores
  160. Church of the Holy Orgasm
  161. A small victory in the war over pensions.
  162. Damn Commies at the Vatican
  163. Losing our Religion
  164. Westboro Baptist Church to Protest at Beau Biden's Funeral
  165. Onward Christian Soldiers!
  166. Zappa said it best..............
  167. Interesting Definition of Fascism
  168. Families of Charleston shooting victims to Dylann Roof: We forgive you
  169. Ninety Million Dollars for this??
  170. Anti-anti-antisemitism
  171. Huckabee calls for MLK-like passive resistance to gay marriage ruling
  172. Marriage Equality Has The Right Freaked Out
  173. Communist Crucifix
  174. Oh, look! It's a Ben Carson Bio!
  175. Muslim-Free Gun Store in Florida
  176. Scism in the Making!
  177. Corey Booker
  178. Glenn Beck says to avoid Portland
  179. The Wisdom of Insane Exploitative Cults
  180. The Value of the Story
  181. Saudi Arabia: 175 executions in one year.
  182. Praise Jesus and pass the Rubbers......
  183. Ted Cruz wants pastors to read Sunday service he wrote.
  184. Sweden far right calls for referendum re immigration.
  185. Abortion Pardon During Jubilee Year
  186. God Wants You to Spray and Pray!
  187. Alabama Town to Ban Saggy Pants and Short-Shorts
  188. Islamic terrorist shot dead in Berlin.
  189. GOP lawmaker vows to boycott pope's speech to Congress
  190. I ‘would not advocate that we put a Muslim in’ the White House
  191. Right Wing Rage against the Pope
  192. Tragedy at Mecca
  193. The Pope's address to Congress
  194. Congressman Steals Pope's Water Glass
  195. Mosque Open Door Day In Germany
  196. Islamophobia in Wichita
  197. The problem I have with NeoConservatism;
  198. Growing use of Sharia in UK.
  199. Afghan woman stoned to death for 'adultery'.
  200. Ben Carson - "Joseph Built Pyramids to Store Grain"
  201. Happy Holidays!!!!
  202. Our Very Own ISIS in Iowa
  203. I went to Church with Ted Cruz.
  204. This is what letting religious freaks run your country gets you............
  205. "Defend Christmas Freedom Hotline"
  206. Quran vs Bible
  207. US Tax Breaks Help Fund Israeli Settlements
  208. Franklin Graham Bolts the GOP over PP Funding
  209. Muslims Save Christians From Massacre
  210. Thank you, Mr. President
  211. Phoenix Trolled Into Submission By Satanists
  212. Superpower
  213. Bell Towers
  214. One America News
  215. Sixty Years of Wisdom
  216. Policing for Jesus
  217. When law enforcement is worthless.
  218. The Buddha - A Documentary
  219. No Freedom of Speech?
  220. Will He Say the Words?
  221. The SoBaps and the AltRight.
  222. Hobby Lobby Pillaged Illegal Artifacts for its DC Bible Museum
  223. Christians' views of those in poverty
  224. Jesus weasels vs Christians.
  225. The bogus "War on Christmas"..........
  226. Brownback in the State Dept? WTH?!
  227. The Name John
  228. Clinging to Guns and Religion
  229. Evangelical Reckoning?
  230. Numbers
  231. Evangelicals vs Refugees
  232. Televangelists won't fly commercial ...
  233. America's gentle children's minister remembered.
  234. Christian Conservatives Gave Us Trump
  235. Church and State Together Again
  236. God Wanted Trump as President
  237. Wingnut Argument for the Death Penalty