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Originally Posted by icenine View Post
South Carolina is a red state, and it does not matter what you did with your mother. Republicans will not pass minimum wage bills and are anti-labor. As for you paying someone $35 an hour out of your own pocket I think you are full of it. That is an RN salary. I don't think you are the type to fork over that much even if you had it. Maybe Medicare/Medicaid or insurance paid for her.

Plus many patients are not hospice patients but long-term care patients and probably cannot afford insurance plans that would cover full time-employment of a critical care nurse. There is difference between hospice and what the OP is talking about.
You have serious issues - and my mother mattered to me. You could use an education in polite conversation.

Believe what you like, but try to keep a civil tongue in your head.

And that was more than RN pay in 2000.
Try to rely on yourself as much as possible - when things go to hell, you will know who to blame.

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