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Old 09-07-2017, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by whell View Post
There's just so much wrong with a statement like this, starting with the assertion that homosexuals are viewed as a "threat". It demonstrates your own desire to demean those whose motivations you don't clearly understand.

Alternatively, one can criticize zealotry in the name of religion at the same time as criticizing zealotry in the advocacy of a particular type of sexual expression that some believe is "sinful". And, in fact, most religions openly tolerate diversity of sexual preference provided that the practice of such preferences are not exploitative. It doesn't mean that they need to agree with it, and not agreeing with the practice of homosexuality doesn't make someone a "bigot".

And yes, while not all "evangelicals" agree with the practice of homosexuality, others are quite tolerant of it. Painting with a broad brush on this topic is just another form of "bigotry", in this case religious bigotry.
I've heard Evangelicals blame gays for HURRICANES among many other things in my lifetime. Maybe it's not "bigotry" as you claim but, at the very least they're out of their minds. And I for one, think letting such people gain political dominance is a very dangerous thing.
"When the lie is so big and the fog so thick, the Republican trick can play out again....."-------Frank Zappa
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Old 09-07-2017, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by whell View Post
Right back atcha, Bob. And thanks for not trying to refute anything in my post above, because it would have made you look even more ridiculous.
Your ridiculous arguments need more straw, Biff.
'I hear mariachi static on my radio and the tubes they glow in the dark' Zevon
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